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Tropical Storm

Weather-related issues including Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather are increasingly affecting the way we live our lives, the quality of our environment, and the strength of our global economy. We provide a broad scope of solutions for communities, businesses and the public.
Environmental. Social. Governance.


We are a certified WOSB • MBE • SBE environmental consulting firm with over twenty North American Industry Classification Codes identifying our expertise and qualifications within the Environmental, Weather and Climate industries. 


Our core competencies focus on a strong commitment to aligning the environmental interests of our communities, businesses, and the public. 


In 2021, the Emergency Event Database recorded 432 environmental events, worldwide. These events impacted 101.8 million people, costing our global economy approximately $252.1 Billion.

In 2022 natural disasters totaled $165.1 billion. The costliest 2022 events were Hurricane Ian ($112.9 billion) and the Western and Central Drought / Heat Wave ($22.1 billion).

The U.S. alone has sustained 338 environmental disasters since 1980 costing over $2.295 Trillion.


  • Long-range Forecasting

  • Short-range Forecasting

  • Natural Disaster Assessment

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Drought Response

  • Water-use Strategies

  • Sustainable Strategies

  • Material-flow Analysis

  • Anthropogenic Cycle Analysis

  • Climate Risk Analysis

  • Environmental Literacy 

  • Organizational Integration

  • Circular Economy Design

  • Social Innovation

  • 15-Minute City Application

Customized Service

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