My life's mission is to help heal and restore our planet's health, specifically in regards to Global Warming as it pertains to Climate Change. It is important to identify the relationship between Global Warming and Climate Change as I often hear these terms casually interchanged.


Global Warming is not Climate Change.


Global Warming is Anthropogenic Warming, or Human-Caused Warming (our activities). The Earth's climate has experienced natural climate change in its 4.5 billion years. If we casually interchange Global Warming and Climate Change, we are going to encounter pushback, and rightfully so. Let's be clear.

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Sea Pollution

OSU concluded, Southern California’s Orange County alone, the economic benefits of beach cleanup could range from $13 per resident in a three-month period if debris were reduced by 25 percent to $42 per resident with a 75 percent drop in plastics and other trash along the oceanfront, according to a new study. That could mean up to a $46 million boost to the county’s economy in just one summer.


Clean Beach