B2C Environmental Consulting

For Business Professionals

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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  • TBA by client

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Are you a business professional, company, group having a hard time connecting with your eco-client? Let's work on this ASAP! That is a $290 BILLION dollar demographic shrouded in mystery. Who are they? What are they? Set up a course to find out! Working with business professionals has been eye-opening. The command over the environmental space is going to take some time; however, if you do not have a background in Environmental Sustainability, you'll need to design an "eco-persona". Look, I KNOW when someone is pulling my leg and pretending to connect with my environmental expectations. Are you speaking to me? I recently went to a forum which included a spokesperson from luxury brand who had no clue as to why a fundamental grasp of Climate Change Awareness would have gone a long way. I was floored, and certainly not interested in the brand any longer. The attempt to connect to a market worth billions, failed...Big time.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA