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Climate Change Speaker

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This might be my favorite offering, simply because I love being a part of positive community change. I remember how important my community was to me when I was growing up, and it's amazing to see the connection we all have, years later. There are always those memories we all sit back and talk about, now. How great would it be to recall the time a Climate Change speaker told us we didn't have to give up the things we love to be environmentally friendly! Whether it's an office, school, convention, neighborhood, town , I'm here to help move the chains. Sometimes, it can feel a lot more light-hearted in a large setting, in a large group. You might feel you can lay low and see how this Climate Change talk plays out. The feeling of anonymity in a crowd could lend itself to being more relaxed about my talk. Perhaps you'll feel like you can "pick up a call" , grab a snack and just chew your way through my talk, go to the restroom, or just walk out when I'm not looking. I'd like to think I'm intriguing and captivating, but I get it, you have to take it in and let it process... This is where a good ol' fashion event speaker comes in handy.

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